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Get paid for your scrap & unwanted car today. Car scrapping made easy.

Get paid cash for your unwanted vehicle, running or not. Take My Scrap Car auto salvage services both Norfolk & Suffolk in the UK. If you’ve had an MOT failure, car accident or just need to make some space by removing your unwanted vehicle fast, we buy any car, scrap or unwanted vehicles. We are based in Norwich but cover the whole of Norfolk and Suffolk. Get started now:

  1. Give us a call on 01603 916 893 OR 01508 499 348. We will ask a few general questions about the vehicle (model, age etc). We can usually provide a quote straight away.
  2. A convenient time will be arranged for collection of your scrap vehicle.
  3. Upon collection of unwanted vehicles, the DVLA paperwork will be completed (the registration document V5C, the vehicle’s log book). We will provide you with a Waste Transfer Note if applicable and of course cash payment for the unwanted vehicle.

Alternatively, complete the form opposite and we will contact you to quote and collect your scrapcar.

At any stage of the process we will happily answer any queries you may have.

Our Top Scrap Car Collection Areas

Scrap Cars Norwich
Scrapping your car in Norwich is generally very easy, there are many scrap vehicle collectors and companies like cartakeback, and webuyanycar are available across Norfolk, Suffolk and the rest of the UK. Having been in the business of scrapping cars in and around the Norwich area for many years, Take My Scrap Car is fast, efficient, fully licensed and competitive. We pay cash for vehicles when we are able and offer payment in other forms too. Getting paid cash for your car is fast and easy in Norwich. Just use the instant quote form on the right and we’ll call you back as soon as possible to arrange vehicle collection in your area.

Aylsham Scrap Car Collection
Our customers based in Aylsham have always been very happy with our prompt auto collection and rates of pay for scrap cars. With friendly local staff eager to please and give the best deals on scrap vehicles, we come to collect your car and leave you with good money and a smile. We try our best to offer same day vehicle collection as we know that when you’ve had enough of your junk auto, it’s time to get rid of it fast. Maybe you want to get rid of your scrap or write-off car to make room for a new one or you don’t want the hassle of declaring it with SORN (statutory off road notice). TakeMyScrapCar with be there in a hurry to pickup and collect scrap cars from Aylsham or old and unused vehicle.

Cromer Scrap Car
We find there are many vintage and rare vehicles available for scrap car collection in Cromer and have met many interesting and friendly locals in the summer time. We offer auto collection services in the winter, spring, summer or autumn (all year round!), so if there is 12inches of snow or there is a blazing heatwave, give TMSC a call and we’ll be happy to head straight over and offer collection for your scrap car in Cromer. Offering vehicle salvage in North Norfolk is something we know well and have offered our services to the good people of Norfolk and Suffolk for over a decade. So, if you are needing to quickly clear a vehicle from your gardenremove a car from a ditch or just looking to make a fast buck from a “hunk a junk” then give us a call and we’ll be here to help 24 / 7 / 365.

Vehicle Salvage Fakenham
With our very own vehicle salvage yard close-by to Fakenham and in Norfolk, we are a great choice for car scrappage services in Fakenham. We can be with you for same-day scrap car collection and leave you to get on with the rest of your day. Fakenham is a beautiful part of the world and it is always a pleasure to come and collect automobiles for quick payments. If you are based in Fakenham and need to remove your old banger then do give us a call and we’d be much obliged. Scrapping cars in Fakenham and in general is our passion and we have all the equipment, staff and motivation needed to give your the best salvage service in East Anglia. We take pride in our prices, methods and ethos when it comes to selling your old vehicle for scrap. Give us a call and we’ll beat the competition on price, speed and professionalism.

Dereham Auto Salvage
There are many auto enthusiasts in Dereham and we often get called by locals looking to use our fast and friendly auto-salvage services. We recycle old vehicles and re-use as much as we can of the cars collected so you can feel good about what happens to your old scrap car. Some of our drivers are race car and derby hobbyists, so you may well find some of your old car parts end up getting renewed life on one of their hobby cars too! When the price of your vehicle repair outweighs the money you’ll get for scrapping a car in Dereham, it’s about time to give us a call. We’ll very often offer same day car collection and deposit the money straight into your account for instant scrap car payment. This way you can put this money towards your new vehicle and treat yourself to an auto you can be proud of.

Watton Scrap Cars
The home of the famous Watton market every Wednesday from 9am, a growing town with a lot of demand for the scrap car services in Watton we offer. We offer same-day pickup for trucks, vans, cars, motorcycles and even boats and old farm machinery. People from Watton are a good folk and over the years we’ve loved servicing their automobile removal needs over the past years. Old scrap cars in Watton have a home with us. We’ll recycle old vehicles at our fully featured scrap yard nearby in Norfolk and make sure there is no wastage. Feel good about getting rid of your old banger, let us come pick it up, give you cash and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Auto Scrap Wymondham
Scrapping your car in Wymondham used to be all about getting the best price for it. Somewhere along the way though, this got flipped around and it ended up being YOU that had to pay for someone else to take, strip and sell parts from your car…hardly fair, is it? Well, the good news is we’re on your side with this one and not only will we deal with your Wymondham scrap car in the best possible way, we’ll even pay you for it. Of course, the amount you get depends on what it is you have to offer, but we know you’ll agree that anything’s better than being out of pocket. We’ve been in the trade for over a decade now so we know exactly how to make sure your car…or at least parts of it…get a new lease of life or is recycled appropriately. TakeMyScrapCar doesn’t think you should have to pay for car removals or scrapping – give us a call if you agree!

Diss Car Collection
Admittedly, it’s not exactly difficult to get rid of your scrap car in Diss…unless of course you want a good price, same-day collection and the promise it will be recycled responsibly. If this is the case, you’ll need the services of TakeMyScrapCar – unique to the Diss area and an established industry player. We’ve established a large, enviable and 100% unique network of partners and clients over the years, meaning we’ll know exactly what to do with your scrap car long before we’ve arrived to collect it. We’ve been serving the good people of Diss for long enough to know what matters to them, which primarily means a good price, prompt service and relentless professionalism. These are our promises to you, so no matter what kind of vehicle you’re looking to get rid of or how fast you’d like it gone, TMSC is the service to make it happen. From rust-buckets to real-rarities, we’re here to get the job done.

Bungay Vehicle Scrap
If it’s become apparent that your semi-mobile rust-bucket is ruining the beauty of Bungay, it might be time to call in TakeMyScrapCar. Over recent years, scrapping a car in Bungay was for some reason made so difficult and expensive that folk weren’t exactly chomping at the bit to get it done. The result – dozens of driveways and gardens across Bungay with stationary eyesores gathering dust and rust by the day. We figured it was about time a bit of balance was restored, which is why we’ll not only do all the dirty car removal Bungay work on your behalf, we’ll even pay you for the car you’re scrapping. We’re committed to reusing or recycling every last salvageable scrap of your car inside and out, so we think it’s only fair that you be compensated appropriately. And if it all sounds a little too good to be true, rest assured it’s anything but – it’s what we’ve been doing in and around Bungay day-in and day-out for over a decade now!

Beccles Car Scrappage
If you’re happy to pay a standard Beccles car scrappage service to take, strip and profit from your old car, go right ahead. On the other hand, if you’d rather have a friendly and professional service not only take your scrap car but also pay you the best possible price for it, you need TakeMyScrapCar. Sure we’re not the only firm offering these kinds of services, but we are the only ones serving Beccles faithfully for over a decade and with the kind of client network it takes to do what’s best for you and your car. Scrapping cars for cash isn’t something you come across too often these days, but if you’re lucky enough to need a heap moving in the vicinity of Beccles, that’s exactly what we’re offering. And get this – we’ll even pick it up the same day you get in touch with us if needs be, so if it’s the total service package you’re looking for and not just another expense, give us a call today.

Lowestoft Car Scrap
If you’ve been looking for a Lowestoft car scraping service, wouldn’t you prefer one that dealt with your car responsibly? How about one that’s been serving the area for years and knows exactly what its customers want? Or better still, maybe a salvage service that does all the hard work and still pays YOU for your old scrap car? Not your everyday offer, but then again we like to think TakeMyScrapCar is anything but an everyday service…though admittedly we do work every day of the week! Scrapping a car used to be a nightmare…and an expensive one at that…but all it takes if you’re in the Lowestoft area is a quick call to TakeMyScrapCar and you can leave the rest to us. We promise you’ll never find a better deal elsewhere and will match it if you do – give us a call today and find out what your heap on the drive might be worth.

Sheringham Cash For Vehicles
Been longing for the days when scrapping a vehicle meant money in your pocket rather than that of the dealer? You and about a million others across scrap car owners in Sheringham, Upper Sheringham and beyond – precisely what makes TakeMyScrapCar the only scrapping service you’ll ever need. We think it’s only fair that if your car’s going to be given a new lease of life, you at least be rewarded for doing the responsible thing – handing it over to us. As such, TMSC will always pay you the best possible price for your scrap car or pretty much any vehicle you’re trying to get rid of – it might be worthless to you, but we see the potential in everything. So whether it’s transplanting salvageable car parts to other cars or recycling the whole thing to keep the planet happy, you can trust TakeMyScrapCar to do what’s right for your car and its rightful owner…that being you!

Scrap Cars For Cash Ipswich
We’ve built an enviable reputation across the Ipswich area for delivering exceptional service standards and fair prices to thousands of responsible car owners. We hate the idea of anyone having to pay for their scrap car to be taken away, only for it to find its way onto a junk heap for the next six decades. Instead, we use our extensive client network covering Ipswich and beyond to ensure that all salvageable parts of your car is put to the best possible use, or recycled in the most eco-friendly manner possible. And here’s the real kicker – we do all this without charging you a penny…we’re the ones that pay CASH for scrap cars in Ipswich and promise you the best possible price! So whether you’re simply looking to get rid of the eyesore on the lawn or would like to make a pretty penny or two without lifting a finger, give TakeMyScrapCar a call today and see what we can do for you.

Give us a call on 01603 916 893 OR 01508 499 348 now!