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The pretty little village of Fakenham has a rather unique claim to fame, which no matter how you look at it is somewhat eyebrow raising. During the 1990s, one now notorious contributor by the name of Robert Woods named Fakenham nothing less than ‘the most boring place on earth’. Suffice to say, the locals and local government officials were not exactly happy with this and summarily went about a rather intensive process of trying to prove that Fakenham was anything but boring. And it seems they have the last laugh too, as when one of the more recent quality of life surveys was carried out in the United Kingdom, the village of Fakenham made the top ten – lucky number seven, in fact!

Here at Take My Scrap Car, we consider ourselves to be genuinely lucky to be based in and serve a local community as pleasant as that of Norfolk. We are proud to call this county our home and have spent many years building a comprehensive Fakenham car scrapping and recycling service package on the back of our customers’ comments and suggestions.

First of all, you made it clear that the thing that irritates you more than anything else is when doing the right thing by way of recycling is made complicated, time consuming and expensive. Which tends to be the way things are in many areas of recycling – hardly surprising therefore that it is a subject most are not particularly enthusiastic about.

And that’s precisely why we engineered every element of our service package to be as fair, simple and dare we say rewarding as possible. If you have a scrap car in Fakenham to get rid of, we don’t expect you to bend over backwards or pay through the nose to do the right thing when it. Instead, all we need you to do is let us know where you are and when you would like it to be picked up – we take care of everything else. And not only do we take care of everything else, but we do so 100% free of charge and ensure that you are paid the best price for your scrap car, even if you yourself believe it to be quite worthless!

The way we see it, the solution to the country’s problems when it comes to ensuring everyone does their ‘bit’ for the recycling cause is simple. Quite literally in fact, as by making recycling something that is simple and rewarding, you make it a far more appealing prospect to those you are attempting to appeal to.

We certainly like to think we are setting a good example, anyway!


Fakenham war memorial

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