Truth be told, there isn’t a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time of year to scrap your car. It’s just that during the summer months, it’s far nicer to hit the highway in a cool, comfortable and comprehensively reliable car.

Here at Take My Scrap Car, we understand that knowing when and where the time comes to take the plunge can be difficult. Especially if you’re looking at a car that’s served you proudly for years, or perhaps even decades.

So to help with what’s often a difficult decision, here’s a brief look at eight valid reasons to consider scrapping your car and trading up:

1.  Spending too much on repairs and maintenance

If your car has become a drain on your bank balance, you need to carefully consider your options. When you find yourself constantly paying a fortune to keep it on the road, it might be worth putting it out of its misery…and yours. 

2. You’re spending a fortune on fuel

Pretty much every car in existence will become less fuel-efficient with age.  It’s just that some take a lack of fuel-efficiency to extremes as they get older. Consider how much you’re spending on fuel and how much you could save by scrapping. 

3. You need a quick cash injection

Quite a lot of our customers contact Take My Scrap Car as they simply need a quick cash injection. If you’re happy with the price we quote for your scrap vehicle, we’ll transfer it directly to your bank account on the day of collection.

4. You use public transport more often than not

Of course, it could simply be that you don’t need your old car anymore, as you’ve discovered the delights of public transport. If it’s doing nothing but gathering dust and getting in the way, why not get rid of it.

5. It’s no longer safe to drive

Most cars also reach a point where driving them on public roads is no longer the safe thing to do. In which case, you could be doing everyone a favour by taking it offpublic roads for good.

6. It’s been extensively damaged

In the wake of an accident or collision of any kind, it’s important to consider whether or not it’s worth paying for the repairs. If the costs of the repairs exceed the value of the car, scrapping and recycling is the sensible thing to do. 

7. It’s a project you’ve no time for 

Likewise, you may have had every intention of repairing, fixing-up and generally getting your old rust-bucket back in tip-top condition. An enjoyable project if you have the time and money to tackle it – scrapping being one option on the cards if you don’t.

8. You’re sick of being uncomfortable

Last but not least, it could simply be that your car has reached a point in its life where driving it is no longer a joy. Too hot, too cold, too noisy, too slow, too unreliable – all the motivation you need to consider scrapping and trading up to something a little more enjoyable.

For more information on Norfolk’s most rewarding car scrapping and recycling service, contact a member of the team at Take My Scrap Car today.