We’ve said it before and we’ll continue to say it for as long as it remains relevant. As far as we’re concerned, the solution to the recycling crisis still escalating in the United Kingdom lies in simplicity.

If you are to take any 1,000 people and ask how many of them genuinely do all they can to recycle responsibly, chances are at least half wouldn’t raise their hands. And if you were to ask this 50% why this is the case, it’s likely most would cite the fact that recycling tends to be difficult, complicated and in some cases even expensive.

Which would seem to suggest that if recycling was to be simplified, more people would do it. And that’s exactly the theory behind one of the most innovative household gadgets we’ve seen in some time. Or should that be, that we’re likely to be seeing in the very near future.

If you aren’t exactly enamoured with the process of sorting out your rubbish into various bags and boxes, you certainly aren’t the only one. The good news being that the very first ‘smart’ bin has been designed to put an end to all this.  Previewed earlier this week in the Telegraph, this remarkable piece of technology actually sorts your recycling on its own, saving you the hassle.

The Bin.E (why didn’t they just call it the eBin?) is currently undergoing extensive trials in Poland, using a variety of sensors and image recognition technology to identify different waste items and separate them into different compartments accordingly. Everything put into the bin is scanned, analysed and placed in its relevant container. Not only this, but the waste that goes into the bin is also automatically compacted, allowing a comparatively small receptacle to house a surprising amount of rubbish.

Unfortunately, when the Bin.E finally sees its official launch over the next few years, it is said to be aimed primarily that businesses and commercial users.  Even if it wasn’t, the fact that the bin itself will sell for £430 PLUS an as-yet undisclosed subscription fee means it’s hardly likely we’ll be installing them all over our homes anytime soon.

Still, experts believe that not only does this represent an important glimpse into the future of waste management in the UK, but could also make an extremely positive contribution to Britain’s ongoing recycling problem. Once again, we firmly believe that the key to encouraging responsible recycling habits lies in simplicity – devices like these serving it up by the boatload!


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