If you’ve been driving for quite some time, you probably like to think you’ve got a good grip on road safety. Not to mention, the vast majority of laws and regulations that apply on UK roads.

Nevertheless, research would seem to suggest that a sizeable proportion of motorists aren’t quite as clued-up as they think they are. At least, when it comes to some of the lesser known rules of the road, which could land unsuspecting motorists with a heavy penalty.

An illustration to (literally) illustrate the matter little more clearly:

At first glance, nothing appears to be amiss. All of the cars in the picture are parked safely and relatively uniformly at the side of the road. Nevertheless, at least a couple of drivers could be waking up tomorrow to a rather unfortunate bill.

This is because the Highway Code clearly states that at night, you are legally obliged to park your car facing the same way as the flow of traffic. Unless your car is parked in a designated and marked bay, it must face the same direction as the traffic on whichever side of the road it is parked.

If not, you could be handed a penalty of £1,000 on the spot. Worse still, vehicles with more than eight seats and goods vehicles are liable for penalties of up to £2,500. 

The thing is, this commonly overlooked rule is anything but new. It’s been part of the Highway Code for some time, but has rarely been followed or enforced. Nevertheless, road safety officials in communities across the UK have started bringing Rule 248 into effect, on the back of growing congestion in towns and cities.

Plead ignorance all you like, but get caught with your vehicle parked the wrong way at night and you could be liable for a fine.

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