If there’s one thing we know about recycling in the United Kingdom, it’s that most people find it too difficult, too time-consuming or too expensive. It’s become abundantly clear that Great Britain has a long way to go before meeting its full potential, as far as overall recycling is concerned. Nevertheless, what’s been made equally clear by the results of countless studies is that the answer to the problem lies in simplification of the country’s recycling system.

When or if this is likely to happen, however, nobody really knows!

On the plus side, Take My Scrap Car likes to think that we’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to car scrapping and recycling. We might not have a great deal to put in other arenas, but we’ve worked extremely hard over the years to produce the total package in our own domain. We can’t promise to make car scrapping particularly exciting, but we can certainly promise the simplest and most rewarding service package on the market.

Basically, there are three simple steps involved in scrapping and recycling your car with TMSC, which look a little like this:

1. Call the Team

First up, simply get in touch with our customer service team and provide us with a few details about the vehicle you would like to scrap. All we need to know is the type of vehicle and its location, along with when represents the best time for us to come and take it away. That’s pretty much the point at which the effort on your part comes to an end!

2. Collection and Disposal 

Armed with the information we require, we’ll send one of our drivers to the agreed location at the agreed time. We will remove your vehicle, transport it to the relevant processing facility and ensure that it is scrapped and recycled responsibly. We’ll even help ensure that the required paperwork is sorted out, for total peace of mind. And we never charge a penny for any of the services we offer.

3. Money in Your Pocket! 

Last but not least, Take My Scrap Car is committed to offering every customer the best possible price for every car we collect. Prices are determined in accordance with scrap values at the time, which allows us to guarantee the fairest possible offer for every scrap vehicle. It might not be a fortune, but it’s the best deal you’ll get on any scrap car. Once the deal is done, the money makes its way directly into your bank account and that’s it!

Which is why we can’t help but wonder – how would things look if the rest of the recycling scene in the United Kingdom were that simple and rewarding?  Chances are, very different indeed! Of course, it’s highly unlikely anyone will be beating a path to your door or anytime soon and paying to take your recycling off your hands. Nevertheless, if said recycling happens to take the form of a scrap car, you know who to call!

For more information or to discuss collection of any scrap vehicle, get in touch with the Take My Scrap Car customer service team today.