Are Smart Bins the Answer to Britain’s Recycling Crisis?

We’ve said it before and we’ll continue to say it for as long as it remains relevant. As far as we’re concerned, the solution to the recycling crisis still escalating in the United Kingdom lies in simplicity.

If you are to take any 1,000 people and ask how many of them genuinely do all they can […]

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Brazilian Man Builds Ferrari from Scrap…Sort Of!

If you know Take My Scrap car, you’ll know that nothing pleases us more than tales of tired-old cars and other vehicles being made into something special.  The way we see it, the only thing better than recycling is reuse – thus foregoing the requirement for recycling in the first place!

These days, it isn’t rare to […]

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Irish Waste Company Confirms Fees for Recycling

In an ideal world, all types of recycling would be simple, accessible and rewarding. Evidence and common sense suggest that when household recyclingis made as easy as possible, more people are motivated to do the right thing. Unfortunately, not every recycling company is willing and/or able to operate following this basic recycling model.

Charged for Doing the […]

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US Car Scrapper Learns a Painful Lesson

What’s the worst that can happen? One of the questions we’re asked with consistent regularity by customers across the county. 

If you know Take My Scrap Car, you’ll know we’re champions of responsible car scrapping and recycling. Nevertheless, it sometimes isn’t until you face the consequences personally that you realise how important it is to do things […]

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Scrap Car Scams: What’s the Deal?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the scrap car scams plaguing the UK. You’ve probably also been advised to steer clear of them at all costs. Still, you might not understand what the big deal is with the whole thing. 

After all, just as long as you get rid of your scrap car and get something […]

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Lower Air Pollution, Longer Life: Swedish Study Suggests

Responsible car scrapping and recycling isn’t only about upgrading to safer and more comfortable cars. It’s also about maximising the lifespan of every member of the public. 

Or at least, this is the conclusion reached by a new study carried out by Swedish researchers at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Analytical Chemistry (ACES). If their […]

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Four (Other) Driving Laws You’ve Probably Broken This Week

Most motorists would probably like to think they’re responsiblemotorists. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of drivers break any number of driving laws on any given day. 

Think about it – can you honestly say you didn’t exceed a single speed limit even slightly over the past week? How about reading that ‘important’ SMS you just couldn’t […]

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The Joys of Summer Scrapping…Almost!

Hitting the open road during those lazy days of summer can be a joy like no other. Particularly here in the UK, where we have a list with some of the most gorgeous spaces to explore anywhere in the world.

Of course, all of the above only applies if you’re lucky enough to have a comfortable […]

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World’s Biggest Car Maker Abandons Diesel Cars in the UK

It’s looking like the gradual demise of diesel cars on UK roads is about to take a major step forwards. With the government having made clear its intention to phase diesel vehicles out of existence here in Britain, two of the biggest car makers in the world have announced their withdrawal of diesel cars from […]

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Can You Spot the £1,000 Road Safety Violation in This Image?

If you’ve been driving for quite some time, you probably like to think you’ve got a good grip on road safety. Not to mention, the vast majority of laws and regulations that apply on UK roads.

Nevertheless, research would seem to suggest that a sizeable proportion of motorists aren’t quite as clued-up as they think they […]

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