Warnings Instead of Fines for Speeding Drivers?

The police in Scotland are debating a new proposal that could radically change the way in which certain speeding motorists are punished…or otherwise. Should the initiative go ahead, certain drivers under very specific conditions would be let off with warnings, rather than facing penalties of any kind.

Just as long as the respective motorist in question is […]

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Man Buys Car to Save Money on One-Way Train Ticket

It’s no secret that train fares in the United Kingdom are among the most ridiculously high in the whole world. Nevertheless, it’s really getting to something when you can literally buy a car, tax it, ensure it and drive it all the way from London to Bristol, in order to save money on a one-way […]

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Seven Common MOT Failures You Can Easily Prevent

As you probably know by now, the UK government recently introduced sweeping reforms to longstanding MOT policies. Despite being somewhat more complicated than the previous system, the message is relatively simple:

Keep your car in good condition, or find yourself facing heavy penalties.

If you choose to drive your car without a valid MOT, it’s only a […]

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Car Recycling Industry Facts from Across the Pond

Here at Take My Scrap Car, we’re not only interested in the car scrapping and recycling business in the UK. We’re firm believers in the importance of responsible recycling worldwide, which is why we take an active interest in what goes on overseas. So for this post, we thought we’d a share with you a […]

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London’s Air Pollution Crisis Moves Indoors

It’s natural to assume that when living in such densely populated and congested cities like London, indoors is the safest place to be. Particularly when it comes to potentially lethal air pollution, you’d be forgiven for thinking that indoors is best.

In reality, the results of a new study suggest that children in schools across London […]

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Addressing the Admin When Scrapping Your Car

As is the way with such things, scrapping a car isn’t quite as simple as handing it over and kissing it goodbye. In fact, it’s a legal requirement to let the DVLA know you’ve scrapped your car and that it will no longer be used on public roads.

Like it or not, it’s a necessary evil. […]

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Six Reasons to Scrap and Upgrade to a Hybrid

It wasn’t long ago that upgrading to a hybrid vehicle simply wasn’t a plausible prospect for most. Along with being prohibitively expensive, they were also difficult to come by. Combined with the inherent complications that accompanied hybrid battery-charging, it wasn’t the most appealing picture on the whole.

These days, it’s an entirely different story. The benefits […]

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Five Winter Car Checks You Need to Carry Out Now

Like it or not, winter is practically here to stay. The UK may have been blessed with its most extraordinary summer in recent history, but those hazy days of blue skies and sunshine are a distant memory. There’s no better time to ensure your car is ready for the worst of the winter than right […]

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10 Ways to Earn a Hefty Fine You Probably Didn’t Know About (Part 2)

As promised, here’s the second half of our two-part post detailing 10 lesser known driving offences that could land you with an enormous penalty:

6.  Driving with petsWe all have to take trips with our pets from time to time, but there’s never any excuse for not securing them properly. In a working example, a cat or […]

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The Four Most Common Causes of Winter RTAs

Driving in winter can be challenging to say the least. The problem is that life doesn’t slow down for poor weather…even when it should.

Every year, accident rates on UK roads accelerate dramatically during the colder months of the year. It’s simply acknowledged and accepted by many that road traffic accident rates spike throughout the winter. […]

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