Having conquered the world of vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, fans and other gadgets, a Dyson electric car was always inevitable. Or at least, so it seemed, as the domestic appliance giant pulls the plug on its EV project entirely. 

It was the owners of the company himself – Sir James Dyson – who said that the Dyson electric car had been designed and was ‘fantastic’. However, he also admitted that it was not a ‘commercially viable’ vehicle. As a result, the long-awaited Dyson electric car would never see the light of day. 

But it also seems the decision to scrap the project wasn’t actually made by Dyson. Instead, the company never managed to find a buyer for the final project. In turn, an email was sent to all Dyson employees, informing them it simply wasn’t going to happen. 

Far From a Failed Project 

The Dyson electric car division employed around 500 workers, who have since been commended by their boss for their efforts. 

“This is not a product failure, or a failure of the team, for whom this news will be hard to hear and digest,” Sir James wrote.

“We have tried very hard throughout the development process, we simply can no longer see a way to make it commercially viable,”

“The Dyson automotive team has developed a fantastic car; they have been ingenious in their approach while remaining faithful to our philosophies.”

On the plus side, he also indicated that rather than simply firing those working on the project, the company would attempt to redeploy them. 

“Our battery will benefit Dyson in a profound way and take us in exciting new directions,” he said. 

“In summary, our investment appetite is undiminished, and we will continue to deepen our roots in both the UK and Singapore,”

“This is not the first project which has changed direction and it will not be the last.”

The Race for EV Supremacy 

The initial plan for Dyson was to pump more than £2 billion into the project. This money would enable the company to come up with a “radical and different” electric vehicle, which should have seen the first Dyson electric car rolling off the production lines in 2021. 

Unfortunately, the problem Dyson has was making an EV that would turn a profit. They’ve no shortage of technological and technical expertise, but the EV they were working on would have simply been too expensive for the mass market. 

In the meantime, the race of EV supremacy continues. High-profile brands from Ferrari to Tesla are moulding and shaping the future of EV technology. Costs are coming down and EV ranges are improving, slowly but surely creating a market people are actually interested in. 

Sadly, it looks like it will be a market that doesn’t feature a Dyson electric car

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