In our previous post, we shared a bunch of our favourite facts and figures on everyday recycling in the UK. After publishing it, we realised we still had a huge list of interesting factoids to share.

So as a continuation of the prior post, here’s another selection of thought-provoking facts and figures on the UK’s current recycling performance:

  • Aluminium recycling standards in the UK have never been higher. Nevertheless, if every aluminiumcan sold was to be recycled, we’d need 14 million less dustbins across the country.
  • Cans made of aluminium are particularly valuable as they are 100% recyclable. After a period to 60 days, an aluminium can go from being purchased at a store to being used, recycled and put back on the same shelf holding the same product.
  • The same also goes for steel, which likewise is 100% recyclable. Steel cans that are appropriately recycled can be used to manufacture just about anything imaginable that contains any amount of steel.
  • Tragically, we’re still not doing nearly enough to recycle cans. Every day, another 80 million cans make their way into landfill sites across the UK and abroad.
  • The average UK household gets through 600 aluminium cans per year, contributing to a total national tally of 5 billion cans.
  • Those who commit themselves to doing their ‘bit’ at an advanced level could be looking at a goldmine. In fact, research suggests that the waste cans lying around the UK waiting to be collected and recycled are collectively worth more than £30 million.
  • It’s possible to recycle 20 cans and put them back into the system with the same amount of energy that would be required to make one new can from scratch.
  • We’ve got a long way to go to catch up with Japan, where the aluminium can recycling rate surpasses 90%.
  • As for paper, it takes as little as a week to transform waste magazines, books and newspapers into brand-new publications ready to be purchased.
  • For every ton of paper we recycle, we collectively save 380 gallons of oil and 17 trees.
  • Brits typically throw 90% of their Sunday newspapers away within a matter of days. This equates to a worrying 500,000 trees making their way to a landfill site.
  • Air pollution emissions are 73% lower when recycling paper than creating paper from scratch.
  • If we all improved our paper recycling habits by a mere 10%, around 5 million trees would be saved every single year.
  • Worldwide, total global demand for paper is met by 4 billion trees, which are cut down and processed.
  • Every year, the amount of paper used in the United Kingdom is manufactured from trees that could cover the entire surface area of Wales.
  • On the plus side, our recycling habits with paper are getting better all the time. As things stand today, approximately 70% of all waste paper in the UK is recycled.

Food for thought, isn’t it?

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