Who’s to say resolutions for the new year can’t be made a little later? Not to mention, be both achievable and of real significance?

Alongside healthy eating, hitting the gym and so on, why not make a few resolutions involving your car for 2020?

Here are just a few things you could do to make 2020 a better year for both yourself and all other drivers on the roads:

Keep an Eye on Your Tyres

First up, worn and poorly inflated tyres are among the most common causes of accidents and injuries on the roads. Nevertheless, evidence suggests that the vast majority of drivers don’t pay nearly enough attention to the condition of their tyres. Some almost never check their tyre pressures, which amounts to a potential disaster waiting to happen. 

If it’s not something you already do, make 2020 the year you start taking tyre condition and pressures a little more seriously. 

Watch Your Fluid Levels 

Each fluid in your car and its engine plays an important role. As such, you need to ensure they’re sufficiently topped up and/or changed when necessary. Windscreen washer fluid can be particularly important in the winter months, when driving conditions tend to be at their worst. 

Monitoring fluid levels isn’t particularly difficult, nor is topping them up where needed. That said, you can always have your local garage take a look at things on a periodic basis, if preferred. 

Service Your Car Regularly 

Speaking of which, evidence also suggests that the average UK driver doesn’t organise routine servicing nearly as often as they should. The appropriate frequency depends on your driving habits and the distances you cover, but it’s always advisable to have things looked at twice annually as a minimum. 

Car servicing costs money, but is also the best form of preventative maintenance available for your car. A few minor tweaks on a regular basis could save you a fortune on more extensive repairs at a later date. 

Leave Bad Driving Habits in 2019

If every motorist paid just a tiny bit more attention to their driving habits, the roads would be safer for everyone. Almost everyone is guilty of occasionally flouting the rules – eating, drinking, smoking or using a phone behind the wheel. Just as some routinely break speed limits, assuming they apply to everyone but them. 

Nobody drives with the same care and attention they did when attempting to pass their driving test. Nevertheless, making a couple of minor adjustments here and there really isn’t too much to ask. If there’s something you know you shouldn’t be doing, try to do less of it this year. 

Drive Less (If You Can)

Last up, one of the best things anyone can do to make UK roads safer and keep the country clean at the same time is to drive less. If there’s a short or simple journey that can be made by public transport, by bike or by walking, think about leaving the car at home a little more often. 

Driving too much can be a hard habit to break, as it becomes a normal part of everyday life. Nevertheless, try to skip unnecessary journeys by car and you might find the alternatives far more rewarding. 

Car Scrapping and Recycling…

If your current car isn’t in the best condition, you could also consider making 2020 the year you finally retire it. At Take My Scrap Car, we offer the region’s most flexible and rewarding car scrapping and recycling service. 

Call anytime for an obligation-free quotation, or to arrange collection of a scrap vehicle in your area.