Like it or not, winter is practically here to stay. The UK may have been blessed with its most extraordinary summer in recent history, but those hazy days of blue skies and sunshine are a distant memory. There’s no better time to ensure your car is ready for the worst of the winter than right now.

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Alternatively, if you’re convinced your car has at least one more winter left in it, here are the five essential winter car checks you should think about getting on ASAP:

1.  Wiper blades and windscreen washer fluid

Windscreen wiper blades are well and truly put through their paces during the winter months. They’re subject to more punishment than at any other time of year, making now the time to check their condition and replace them if necessary. In addition, ensure you have winter-ready windscreen washer fluid in your bottle, which isn’t going to freeze when the mercury plummets below zero. 

2.  Check your oil and fluid levels

Winter is a time when you need to ensure your car is running as smoothly, efficiently and reliably as possible. If you haven’t had your oil checked and/or changed for a while, it’s something to consider. You might also want to think about checking the rest of your car’s fluids and filters, rather than running the risk of breaking down at the side of a dark and icy road.

3.  Check your interior and exterior lights

You’ll probably be spending a lot of time driving in the darkness, so it simply makes sense to ensure your bulbs are all in good working order. Both inside and outside your car, give things a once over and note any bulbs that are either on their way out or have stopped working entirely. 

4.  Tyre tread and (regular) pressure tests

It’s a legal requirement for the depth of the tread on your tyres to be at least 1.6 mm. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to head out and about if your tyre tread depth is exactly 1.6 mm. Along with providing very little traction on slippery roads, you could also be breaking the law after driving no more than a few additional miles. If they’re not in the best condition, get them changed.

5.  Check your battery

Last but not least, always remember that winter has a habit of taking a toll on car batteries. If your current battery is somewhat on the old side or less than reliable, it only stands to cause you problems during the winter. A new car battery isn’t exactly an expensive investment these days, but it’s one that could keep your car running smoothly during the big freeze.

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