Most motorists would probably like to think they’re responsiblemotorists. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of drivers break any number of driving laws on any given day. 

Think about it – can you honestly say you didn’t exceed a single speed limit even slightly over the past week? How about reading that ‘important’ SMS you just couldn’t ignore?

Truth is, everybody breaks a whole bunch of driving laws…and is more than aware of the fact. But at the same time, there are also countless lesser known driving laws you could also be breaking, without realising it.

So once again, think about your past week’s driving experiences and consider how many of the following you’re guilty of:

1.  Adjusting your satnav

Just as is the case with mobile phones, it is 100% illegal to in any way grab your satellite navigation system and hold it while driving. If you need to make any in-hand adjustments whatsoever – even something as simple as turning up the volume – you’re technically supposed to pull over when safe to do so and make the adjustment when stationary. Unsurprisingly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single motorist who actually does this. Nevertheless, it’s a rule of the road and one that’s in place for a reason.

2.  Using your horn

Though it’s hardly a priority for most police forces, you can nonetheless be fined on the spot for using your horn when it isn’t necessary. Even just the tiniest ‘beep’ when waving goodbye to family and friends could be your ticket to a heavy penalty. Contrary to popular belief, horns are installed in vehicles exclusively to provide an important warning of your presence for safety purposes. To use your horn for anything else is to effectively break the law. 

3.  Not slowing down for puddles

Even if it’s purely accidental, driving through puddles at speed and soaking anyone or anything in the vicinity is frowned upon. Interestingly, the same law also applies to cyclists! As far as the police are concerned, there’s no excuse for notslowing down when there are clearly puddles all over the place. Even if you didn’t see it coming, you could still face a fine and penalty points on your licence by driving through a puddle too quickly.

4.  Dirty licence plates

Last but not least, it’s entirely up to you how clean or otherwise you prefer to keep your vehicle. Unless you’re preparing it for its MOT, it can be as filthy and unhygienic as you like. That is, just as long as you don’t in any way impede the visibility of your licence plate. If you’re spotted driving a car which, for whatever reason, is fitted with licence plates that cannot be read from a good distance, you’ll by pulled over and fined. The same also applies if your headlights or taillights are excessively dirty, so be sure to get busy with the sponge from time to time!

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