Contrary to popular belief, the DVLA isn’t actually out to get you. It’s just that if you don’t follow their rules, they won’t hesitate to slap you with a fine. This also applies when you finally scrap and recycle your old car, which is something you need to tell the DVLA about. 

Of course, it’s not as if you can be expected to know how to do things like this instinctively. Unless you’ve scrapped and recycled a car in the past, you won’t know how the process works. So when the time comes, you don’t really know what you’re doing. 

At Take My Scrap Car, we provide all the support our clients need to inform the DVLA that their car has been disposed of. It’s not a particularly difficult process, but one that needs to be done properly. You’ll get a formal Certificate of Destruction as proof of scrapping your car, which should be retained for your records. 

Informing the DVLA

It’s only possible to inform the DVLA of a car that’s been scrapped in writing – it can’t be done by phone. These days, the quickest and easiest option is to use the DVLA’s online portal. You’ll need the 11 digit reference number from your car’s logbook (V5C), which you can simply enter online and follow the basic instructions. It can also be done by post to the following address, which obviously takes a little longer:

SA99 1BD

If you don’t have the 11 digit code you need, you’ll be required to provide full details of your vehicle when registering its destruction. This includes the following information: 

  • Your name and address
  • The vehicle reg plate
  • Its model and manufacturer
  • The exact date upon which you sold/scrapped it
  • Our company details 

You can always call the DVLA for clarification if unsure, but it is generally a pretty straightforward process. 

Take My Scrap Car 

At Take My Scrap Car, we offer the region’s most flexible and accessible car scrapping and recycling. From start to finish, we handle all aspects of the disposal on behalf of our clients. 

Whatever your location in Norfolk, we’ll pay you a visit at a convenient time and take your car off your hands. We’ll transport it to the recycling facility and ensure it is responsibly disposed of, putting as much back into the system as possible. Most importantly, we don’t charge a penny for any of the services we provide. In fact, we promise to pay the best possible price for every scrap vehicle we collect. Calculated in accordance with scrap values on the day, we guarantee unbeatable quotes and the price we quote is the price we pay. 

As mentioned, we also lend a hand with the DVLA side of things. Whether you’d prefer to handle things yourself or have us take care of it on your behalf, we’ll ensure your vehicle’s disposal is made formal and official. 

Call Anytime for a Quote…

Our drivers are out and about across the county 24/7, so we’re able to arrange collections at all times of day and night. Weekends and bank holiday collections are also possible – whatever best suits your requirements. 

Whether ready to go ahead or looking for more information on the car scrapping and recycling process, we’re standing by to take your call. Contact Take My Scrap Car anytime, or complete the online form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.