If you know Take My Scrap Car, you’ll know one thing we can’t abide is waste. The way we see it, the only thing that trumps recycling is reusing whatever it is that would otherwise be heading to the scrap heap. If a vehicle of any kind still holds value to some extent or another, it’s a shame to let it go to waste. 

Precisely why a story from the Philippines this week caught our eye. As the government continued its crackdown on tax evasion and general financial fraud, the decision was made to make something of an example of those found to be flouting the rules. 

This marks the moment no less than 68 luxury cars and motorbikes were annihilated by a bulldozer. Not because there was anything wrong with the vehicles – simply to make a point. Lamborghinis, Porsches, BMWs, Limousines – all destroyed as something of a punishment to their owners and a message to others. 

On one hand, we’re totally against the idea of letting motorists of any kind get away with tax evasion and the likes. Likewise, we understand that destroying and crushing cars is part and parcel of the disposal system. But when you’re looking at 68 luxury cars with a combined value that goes well into the tens of millions, exactly where is the sense in destroying them?

Why not sell them at a fair price and use the money for something useful? Charity donations? Schools? Hospitals? It’s one thing to deliver a strong message, but it’s something else entirely to just throw massive amounts of money down the drain for no reason whatsoever. 

Not that this is the first time we’ve come across this kind of activity. Over the past few years, there have been countless instances where Ferraris, Lamborghinis and so on in the UK have found their way into the crusher. In all instances, very well publicised and sensationalised – all for the purposes of sending a message. 

While at the same time, wasting huge sums of money that could be put to good use. 

Still, we’re not in a position to influence policy – just have a good rant about things when we see such gorgeous pieces of machinery going to waste for no good reason! 

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