A major car scrappage scheme aimed at reducing air pollution levels in London is to be extended. Pledging an additional £25 million to the cause, the Mayor of London confirmed the extension of the scrappage scheme worth up to £2,000. 

Drivers of older and less environmentally-friendly cars are being offered up to £2,000 to trade up to something cleaner. The Capital’s Mayor also recently stated that city will meet World Health Organisation (WHO) air quality guidelines by 2030, if current targets are met. 

The scrappage scheme extension comes shortly before the implementation of the new Ultra Low Emission Zone, which will come into effect in 2021. It’s estimated that vehicles are to blame for at least 50% of all air pollution in London, according to the Mayor’s office. 

A Multidimensional Issue

Speaking on behalf of the Green Party, Caroline Russell welcomed the scrappage scheme extension. However, she also warned that for real progress to be made, alternative transport options must be improved across the Capital. 

“Too many Londoners feel forced into car use and ownership. The mayor must invest, throughout London, to make walking, cycling and public transport easy choices for everyone,” said Ms Russell.

Similar scrappage schemes are being planned or discussed in major cities across the UK. Though in most instances, initial interest has been less than overwhelming. For the vast majority of everyday motorists, an incentive of £2,000 simply isn’t enough to make trading up an affordable option. 

Despite the fact that the scrappage scheme specifically targets lower income motorists, comparatively few have so far taken advantage of the offer. 

The mayor’s office said it was also increasing Santander’s bike usage scheme to provide more free cycles for up to 30 minutes.

Car Scrapping and Recycling

Eligibility for the car scrappage scheme in London is established on the basis of several factors. Of which, one is the intention to trade up to a car that’s approved as eco-friendly and low-emissions. If you plan to scrap a car but aren’t planning to buy an approved model, you won’t qualify for the car scrappage scheme

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A Simpler Car Scrappage Scheme

We understand that for most motorists, car scrapping and recycling isn’t a particularly exciting subject. If anything, it’s more of a necessary evil they’d rather avoid where possible. While we can’t promise to make scrapping an old car exciting, we can at least make it a painless process. 

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