Responsible car scrapping and recycling isn’t only about upgrading to safer and more comfortable cars. It’s also about maximising the lifespan of every member of the public. 

Or at least, this is the conclusion reached by a new study carried out by Swedish researchers at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Analytical Chemistry (ACES). If their findings are anything to go by, a reduction in traffic pollution levels in the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö has resulted in the average person enjoying one extra year of life than they did 25 years ago.

That’s a full extra year’s lifespan, thanks entirely to reductions in traffic pollution.

To establish exactly how beneficial Sweden’s on-going reduction in air pollution was, the researchers examined the measurements of research stations in each of the cities, which attract nitrogen oxides, ozone and particles in the air from 1990 to 2015. When the results were cross referenced with life expectancy reports, the conclusion was a relatively simple one:

 “Overall… the air quality has improved in all three cities, which has led to improved public health, and it is estimated that life expectancy has increased by up to one year,” the team reported.

“This is mainly due to reduced levels of exhaust emissions from road traffic,”

“The higher ozone levels give a relatively small effect on health, as opposed to reduced exhaust gas exposure. And for coarse particles, which mainly arise through road wear from studded tires, there are no clear changes in the levels during the period 1990 to 2015, which means that the impact on the expected life expectancy becomes insignificant.”

On the whole, the team found that life expectancy in the cities had increased by an impressive average of five years per citizen over the past 25 years, due to a combination of cleaner air, more effective treatment for common diseases and an overall reduction in smoking rates. They also stated that the improvements could continue for some time if Sweden’s clearly effective measures continue on the same trajectory.

Responsible Car Scrapping and Recycling

Here at Take My Scrap Car, we like to think we’re contributing to the cause in our own humble way. Not over in Sweden, but at home here in the UK. We provide Norfolk’s most accessible and responsible car scrapping and recycling service, making it quick and easy to eliminate unhealthy and polluting vehicles from the roads. 

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