Every now and again, most people find themselves bitten by the urge to take some kind of road trip. This usually means loading up a pretty comfortable and reliable car with supplies and taking a short trip to the coast, across the countryside or maybe as far as the continent.

As far as one ambitious Maltese trio is concerned however, this is all small-fry.  These guys have decided not only to travel more than 10,000 miles from the UK to Russia, but also do so in an old Peugeot 205 that would usually be considered a scrap car.

Despite facing a pretty epic challenge, the guys are in the highest possible spirits and are doing the whole thing for charity. They set themselves a relatively modest goal of £1,000 in charity donations, though managed to surpass their early expectations in no time at all.

Giving the car the affectionate name of Lizzie, they’ve begun sharing a series of images detailing how essential improvements and safety modifications are being made to this humble little Peugeot.

“You must bring the s*******t rolling turd of a car you can find,” the Mongol Rally organisers explain. 

“Use a car you swapped for a bag of crisps. Seek out a steed that most people wouldn’t even use for the weekly shop. Better still, come along on a scooter. After all, an adventure is only an adventure when things go wrong.”

The expedition is set to get underway later this July, when chances are they’ll soon wish they’d opted for a vehicle with air conditioning!

Responsible Car Scrapping and Recycling

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