It wasn’t long ago that the British government was pleading with motorists to upgrade to ‘clean’ and ‘efficient’ diesel cars. Fast forward to 2019 and it seems they are doing whatever they can to discouragediesel car purchases wherever possible.

Research has shown that diesel cars have the potential to be significantly more dangerous than their petrol counterparts, in terms of air pollution and cleanliness. Hence, the drive to encourage diesel car drivers to scrap their cars and upgrade to something a little more environmentally friendly.

To date, most measures have met with little enthusiasm from the general public.  Even when incentives have been offered, they haven’t appealed to the masses. Nevertheless, experts now believe that for thousands of diesel car drivers, the inevitable demise of their vehicles really is on the horizon.

New Emissions Tests

New MOT tests will now include the strictest emissions tests ever enforced.  For the vast majority of modern cars, the new tests probably won’t prompt much of an issue. Unfortunately, many experts believe that older diesel cars will be fundamentally unable to pass the new emissions tests, ultimately forcing them off the road permanently.

The new tests are part of an extensive EU directive, aimed at cleaning up the air in towns and cities across the entire continent. 

Specifically, it’s predicted that diesel car drivers with cars registered around 10 years ago and thereafter should pass the test easily, if everything is as it should be. However, diesel cars registered before 2006 may not have the diesel filtration technology required to meet the new requirements.

Should this be the case, those affected will have two choices. Pay at least £1,000 or so for the required DPF upgrade, or scrap their cars once and for all.

Unsurprisingly, this hasn’t gone down particularly well with those still driving around in perfectly safe yet perhaps somewhat polluting diesel cars from the early-2000s. Equally unsurprisingly, it’s also prompted thousands to check in for their annual MOTs a little early, in order to escape the deadline and keep driving their cars for another year.

The only problem being that if subjected to any kind of testing in the meantime, they could face penalties for driving cars that do not meet the new emission standards.

Take My Scrap Car

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