The results of a new survey would seem to suggest that while most people know the recycling matters, they have no idea why. What’s more, more than 25% of people in general believe that they do not see any direct benefit of recycling in their everyday lives. All of which illustrates just how important it is for the United Kingdom as a whole to step up its efforts to improve recycling standards in general.

In terms of how recycled products can be transformed into something new, the facts can be quite fascinating. For example, did you know that used aerosol cans can be recycled and put back into use as mobile phone parts? Likewise, football shirts often contain various bits and pieces from recycled plastic bottles. And if you knew exactly how much electricity could be saved every year by recycling glass bottles and other containers, chances are you’d think twice before throwing them in the trash!

On the plus side, the survey that was carried out by Recycle Now found that more than 80% of people believe in the importance of recycling and the difference it makes.

“We know that understanding the recycling process motivates people to recycle,” commented Linda Crichton in a statement provided to the Telegraph

“Our aim this Recycle Week is for more people to find out their deodorant could come back in a mobile phone, or their sweetie box as a toothpaste box – and as a result, be encouraged to recycle more because they can see it’s worth it.”

The opportunity was also taken to point out just how far the United Kingdom has to go, before reaching its full recycling potential. For example, almost half of all plastic bottles in Britain are still not being disposed of in recycling bills.  Which means that by the end of the current decade, that’s more than 29 billion bottles that could have been recycled going entirely to waste. 

Once again, the survey illustrated how acknowledgement of the importance of recycling doesn’t necessarily confirm an understanding of why we recycle. And with so much going to waste, it is clear that more intensive efforts need to be invested in recycling initiatives in general.


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