We recently came across an article published on hometownfocusthat really caught our eye. We’re always on the lookout for examples of scrap car parts being used to create something from nothing. From the artsy to the downright incredible, it really is amazing what some folks dream up and bring to life.

In the case of Jeff Annen, this experienced mechanic has made it abundantly clear he doesn’t approve of letting anything go to waste. Precisely why he’s transformed a pretty extensive collection of scrap vehicles into the kind of beautifully-rusted automobile art you can’t help but love. 

Scattered around much of the premises of his Vermilion Repair auto shop in the US, installations like these greet visitors and passers-by alike. Some are there simply for their beauty, others tell more of a story. 

In all instances however, it just goes to show that when certain vehicles reach the end of their usual life, it doesn’t mean they don’t hold enormous value and beauty in the eyes of others. 

“Jeff just doesn’t like to see things go to waste so he salvages items that he can use in his metal creations. He makes anything from the large altered old autos to small garden art pieces. The rustier the stuff he finds, the better,” his wife told reporters from hometownfocus.

“Most of the parts and junk are found at swap meets or junk yards. We used to go to auctions, but just don’t have as much time for that as we used to. We buy scrap iron and, to be honest with you, some of the old metal stuff we find out in the woods. Back in the day, people didn’t take the time to haul their scrap iron to a recycle or dump site, they would just throw it way back in the woods to get rid of it.”

Of course, it takes a special type of vehicle to look this good when effectively falling to pieces. Position your average scrap car in the average UK front garden and you will be looking at the kind of eyesore that would probably land you in trouble. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see the whole concept of ‘one man’s trash being another man’s treasure’ in a living, breathing example. 

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