If you’re looking to get rid of an old scrap car in Cockthorpe, we’ll give you five good reasons to give Take My Scrap Car a call:

1 – Full Service

First of all, if you’re wondering how on Earth you’ll ever get that car from where it sits in Cockthorpe to us, don’t. Unlike so many of the car scrapping brands on the market right now, we come to you no matter where it is you might be and we sort things out on your behalf. You literally just need to tell us where you are and what you have – we’ll spring into action and have one of our drivers out to you in no time.

2 – Fast Service

Not only are we out on the roads pretty much 24/7, but when and where circumstances permit we can even come out to you and take your car away the very same day. So there’s no waiting around, no changing your schedule for the sake of us and no long delays if you’d rather get things done – just let us know when’s best for you and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

3 – Free Service

Also unlike so many of the other brands that do what we do, we do what we do 100% free of charge. That’s right – all of the above services will not cost you a penny no matter how much hard graft is involved in getting your car off the road and into the hands of the recycling people. So if it’s the haulage fees that have been putting you off, forget about them!

4 – Total Service

Just to make sure things are all capped-off as comprehensively as possible, we go one step further to help out with all the DVLA admin stuff that could otherwise leave you looking at a fine. We won’t quit until every box is ticked – Take My Scrap Car fights its customers’ corners!

5 – Rewarding Service

Last but not least, not only do we offer all of the above 100% free of charge, but we’ll also pay YOU the best price possible for your Cockthorpe scrap car. We’ll offer you a quote in line with current market values at the time and guarantee that you will not find a better price elsewhere or we’ll beat it.

So as you can see, we’re all about the service – give us a call today to find out more!