Scrap Cars Colby

Take My Scrap Car has been working in and around Colby for such a long time now, we like to think of ourselves as part of the furniture…proverbially speaking, of course. As a local business owned and operated by Norfolk locals, we know exactly what it is the local community expects and looks for when it comes to responsible car scrapping and recycling. Now more than ever, the UK’s recycling efforts are of absolute pivotal importance and require each and every one of us to play our part. Here at Take My Scrap Car, we’ve made it our mission to both help the environment and make the country’s roads that little bit safer, one scrap car at a time.

In terms of what it is specifically that we do, we offer a comprehensive and market leading car scrapping service in Colby and throughout Norfolk. Each year, more than a million cars are taken off the roads in Great Britain alone, of which each and every one of them has the potential to be recycled and put back into the system. Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of cars each year never make it to the recycling plant and are instead condemned to spend an eternity rotting and rusting away on a heap somewhere. And of course, there are also thousands of scrap cars still out and about on the roads despite the fact that they are in every respect nothing short of health hazards.

As for where we fit into the process, we proactively seek scrap cars, written-off cars and really any other vehicles whatsoever that have reached the end of their life. Rather than sitting around and waiting for people to come to us, we make the effort to travel to our customers wherever they may be and at any time they deem convenient. We take care of the transportation, taking the scrap car away and processing it down ready for recycling. We even help with the essential DVLA paperwork to ensure that all administrative boxes are ticked. And if all this wasn’t enough, we also guarantee to pay you the very best market price for your scrap car in Colby in accordance with scrap metal prices at the time.

We went into business to become a friendly and approachable face of car scrapping and recycling – a real local business for the local community. We’d love to hear from you with any questions you may have, so give the team a call today for a no-obligation chat.