Situated just a stone’s throw from the summer seaside haven of Cromer, the village of Roughton has an interest in connection with one of the world’s most famous physicists. In 1933, Albert Einstein fled Nazi Germany and sought sanctuary in a small dwelling on Roughton Heath. He lived in the area for a while before eventually relocating to the United States, in the meantime being sculpted by Jacob Epstein and later immortalised with a blue plaque on the entrance of the New Inn public house.

It never fails to surprise us and see just how much hidden history there is lurking around Norfolk’s wonderful towns and villages. Here at Take My Scrap Car, we’re proud to live and work in this corner of the country, playing a small role in keeping Norfolk as beautiful as it is. We specialise in responsible car scrapping and recycling, which in a change from the norm always puts the customer first. Every aspect of our service packages geared towards simplicity and accessibility, making the less-than joyous process of scrapping your car that little bit less unpleasant.

When the time comes to get rid of a scrap car in Roughton, simply reach out to Take My Scrap Car and we’ll organize everything on your behalf. We’ll arrange for one of our drivers to visit you at the location of your choosing, in order to collect your scrap car and take it away to be recycled. Everything we provide is 100% free of charge and we’ll even help ensure the DVLA paperwork is sorted and submitted. And if all this wasn’t enough, we also promise to pay you the best possible price for your scrap vehicle, in accordance with scrap values at the time. Irrespective of the age and condition of the vehicle, you’re guaranteed a fair price, when you work with the team at Take My Scrap Car!

Every vehicle we collect is recycled in accordance with the strictest EU and UK regulations, in order to ensure nothing goes to waste. The importance of responsible car scrapping and recycling really cannot be overstated, with more than one million cars being taken off UK roads every single year. It’s the responsibility of every motorist to do the right thing with their end-of-life vehicle – we’re just here to make it a little bit easier!

For more information or to arrange collection of your scrap car in Roughton, get in touch with a member of the Take My Scrap Car team today.