In case you’d ever wondered, the answer is yes – Saham Toney did indeed gain its name from an individual bearing the same handle. The land in and around the region was once owned by one Ralph de Toeni, standard-bearer of William I, after whom the village would subsequently come to be named. Today, Saham Toney is home to approximately 1,500 people across around 700 households.  And if you’re interested in learning a little more about, you might want to look up the village’s infamous ‘tale of two eels’.

History lesson over, Take My Scrap Car is proud to do business with the people of Saham Toney. Our area of specialism is car scrapping and recycling – albeit on a somewhat higher level than the vast majority of service providers in the area. Having worked closely with the people of Saham Toney for some time now, we’ve come to know exactly what’s expected of a reliable and responsible service provider. Which is, above all else, the provision of prompt, efficient, reliable and fair car scrapping and recycling services.

In days gone by, Saham Toney car scrapping and recycling tended to be a somewhat joyless and expensive process. Transporting your scrap vehicle to the scrapyard, paying the dealer to take it off your hands and generally feeling a little jaded by the whole experience. These days, there’s a far more enjoyable alternative. Get in touch with the team at Take My Scrap Car and we’ll show you exactly how simple and rewarding car scrapping and recycling in Saham Toney can be.

All you need to do is let us know where you are and when would be the best time for one of our drivers to pay you a visit. We’ll collect your scrap vehicle from any location in Saham Toney, transport it to our facility and ensure it is responsibly recycled – all 100% free of charge. We’re out and about day and night, so we’re more than happy to accommodate your schedule and pay you a visit at a convenient time.

Not only this, but we’ll even pay you a fair price for your scrap vehicle, calculated in accordance with scrap values at the time. We’re firm believers in the importance of incentives, as opposed to unnecessary expenses for those looking to do the right thing. To learn more about our Saham Toney car scrapping and recycling services, contact a member of the team at Take My Scrap Car today.