Home to the simply stunning 17th century Georgian house known today as Hemblington Hall, Hemblington is a beautifully historic and compact civil parish. Home to approximately 350 residents across 150 households, Hemblington lies within the beautiful Broadland district of Norfolk. Hemblington is also home to one of the remaining 124 round tower churches in the county, which also happens to feature a famous painting of Saint Christopher from the 15th century. Suffice to say, everything about Hemblington really is as historic, traditional and beautiful as it gets.

Our passion for the quaint and quiet corners of Norfolk like Hemblington stems from the fact that we’re born and bred locals ourselves. Not necessarily from Hemblington itself, but Norfolk is both our home and our place of business. For several years now, we’ve been providing responsible residents across the region with the most rewarding Hemblington car scrapping and recycling services for all purposes. We go to extreme lengths to make every aspect of Hemblington car scrapping as simple, accessible and rewarding as possible. Whatever it is you’ve traditionally hated about car scrapping and recycling, we’ve turned it on its head for the benefit of our customers!

For example, rather than expecting our customers to bring their Hemblington scrap cars to our facility, we collect vehicles from across the county, 365 days a year. Not only this, but rather than charging for our services, everything we provide is 100% free of charge. No strings attached and not a penny to pay – guaranteed! In fact, we’re firm believers in rewarding responsible recyclers for doing the right thing. Irrespective of the age and condition of the vehicle in question, we promise to pay the best possible price, in accordance with scrap values on the day. It won’t be a fortune, but it’ll be the best price you’ll get from any local dealer. 

We’re firm believers in the importance of everyone doing their ‘bit’ to keep the county safe and beautiful. We understand there’s more to it that car scrapping and recycling alone, but we also believe it’s a good place to start. Over the years, we’ve come to know exactly what’s expected of a responsible Hemblington car scrapping and recycling service – we’re working hard every day to make it happen.

To learn more about any of our services or to arrange collection of your Hemblington scrap car, reach out to a member of the Take My Scrap Car customer service team today.