If you ask us…and of course many do…it’s borderline impossible not to fall in love with quaint little towns and villages like Morningthorpe the moment you lay eyes on them. The kind of place that characterises everything that makes this corner of the country such a great place to live and work. Home to approximately 100 households and a total resident population of no more than 270, the tiny and traditional village of Morningthorpe is surrounded on all sides by wonderful open green spaces. Home to the church of St John the Baptist and countless other important historic buildings, we can honestly say it’s villages like Morningthorpe that make us proud to do business in this green and pleasant county!

In terms of what exactly it is we do, Take My Scrap Car has been providing the people of Norfolk with dynamic, innovative and flexible car scrapping and recycling services for many years now. Having pinpointed a series of glaring problems in the traditional approach to car scrapping and recycling, we went about the creation of a business that approaches things entirely differently. The biggest difference being that when you work with TMSC, everything happens for the benefit of the customer. Or to put it another way, we’ve taken everything you dislike about Morningthorpe car scrapping and recycling and turned it on its head.

For example, we don’t expect you to bring your Morningthorpe scrap car to us, or to pay for the haulage. Wherever you happen to be and whatever kind of condition the vehicle is in, we will happily travel to you and take it off your hands – all 100% free of charge. Along with this, we can help ensure that all the required paperwork is taken care of, in accordance with DVLA requirements.  And if all this wasn’t enough, we promise to pay you the best possible price for your scrap vehicle, in accordance with scrap values at the time. Meaning that the only party that walks away from the deal with any kind of payment whatsoever is you – the customer!

We also take pride in adopting a uniquely responsible approach to Morningthorpe car scrapping and recycling. Meaning that when you bring your car to us, you benefit from the peace of mind of knowing it’s been scrapped and recycled in complete accordance with applicable UK and EU laws. With Take My Scrap Car, doing your bit for the environment really couldn’t be easier or more rewarding – get in touch today to discuss any aspect of car scrapping and recycling in Morningthorpe.