South Burlingham forms part of the wider civil parish of Lingwood and Burlingham. Positioned around 9 miles from both the city of Norwich and the seaside mecca that is Great Yarmouth, South Burlingham is a predominantly rural village with a compact local population. Also home to an extensive contingency of striking historic buildings, South Burlingham has become a firm favourite among city workers looking to enjoy the best of all worlds.

Here at Take My Scrap Car, our commitment to keeping the county safe and beautiful is total. We can’t claim to be single-handedly changing the world, but we like to think we’re contributing to the cause in our own modest way.  Specifically, we’re the team to call when looking to get rid of a South Burlingham scrap car, or any kind of end-of-life vehicle. With more than one million vehicles leaving UK roads every year, the importance of responsible recycling cannot be overstated. If looking to do the right thing in the quickest, easiest and most rewarding way possible, Take My Scrap Car is standing by to step in!

We separate ourselves from other South Burlingham car scrapping and recycling companies by putting the customer first. Rather than expecting our customers to work around our schedule, we approach things the opposite way around. We’re out and about day or night, providing South Burlingham scrap car collections at all hours to suit. Not only this, but all collections provided by Take My Scrap Car are 100% free of charge and always will be. In fact, we’ve never charged a penny for any of the services we provide, and we never will.  After all – why should responsible motorists be punished for doing the right thing?

Putting the proverbial cherry on the cake, we take things one step further by promising to pay a fair cash price for every South Burlingham scrap vehicle we collect. We’re not interested in its age or condition – only the value of its scrap materials on the day. We’ll calculate the value of your car and pay a fair price directly into your bank account. We’ll even help ensure the DVLA paperwork is taken care of for total peace of mind!

To arrange collection of your South Burlingham scrap car in seconds, reach out to a member of the team at Take My Scrap Car today! Whether ready to go ahead or simply exploring the options, we’d be delighted to hear from you!