Home to around 350 permanent residents, the village and civil parish of Sparham is one of the highest points in the whole of Norfolk. As a result, it also boasts truly magnificent views across the surrounding countryside. On a clear day, a climb to the top of the church tower provides the opportunity to gaze over miles of unspoiled beauty. Sparham is quaint, compact and quintessentially traditional village in which we’re proud to do business!

Take My Scrap Car is on a mission to transform the face of Sparham car scrapping and recycling, once and for all. We’re firm believers in the importance of simplicity, when encouraging people to do the right thing with their waste goods. Particularly when it comes to waste goods as large as scrap vehicles, which can and should be responsibly recycled. In fact, somewhere in the region of 95% of the materials in every scrap car can be recycled and put back to good use. Precisely why it’s so unfortunate that around 100,000 end-of-life vehicles escape the UK’s scrapping and recycling system each year.

We’ve worked hard to create a service package that simplifies every aspect of the Sparham car scrapping and recycling process. Along with eliminating the legwork from the equation, we’ve also eliminated each and every cost from start to finish. Unlike some, we guarantee a 100% free-of-charge alternative to traditional Sparham car scrapping and recycling services. Under no circumstances will you be charged a penny – our promise to every customer!

Simply let us know where you are and when would be a good time to pay you a visit. One of our drivers will head your way, collect your scrap vehicle and take it away to be processed and recycled. You won’t be charged a penny for the privilege and we’ll even lend a hand with the DVLA paperwork.

If all that wasn’t enough, we promise to pay the best possible price for every scrap car in Sparham we collect. All prices are calculated in accordance with scrap values at the time, so you will not find a better deal from any competing specialist. Particularly given how every service we offer is also 100% free of charge!

The way we see it, responsible Sparham car scrapping and recycling doesn’t have to be a headache. It’s simply a case of teaming up with a reliable and reputable specialist you can trust! For more information or to arrange collection of your scrap car in Sparham, contact the team at Take My Scrap Car today!