Positioned on the banks of the River Waveney, St Olaves is a compact Norfolk Village situated just 6 miles from great Yarmouth. Providing quick and easy access to both the stunning Norfolk Coast and the region’s most glorious countryside, St Olaves is a prime residential location and a desirable postcode. Archaeological digs suggest that St Olaves has been inhabited since as far back as the 13thcentury. At which time, the village was home to an impressive Augustinian priory – the remains of which can still be seen in St Olaves today.

History lesson over, Take My Scrap Car is more concerned with the present and future of villages like St Olaves. We’ve created a unique car scrapping and recycling service for the people of St Olaves, along with the rest of the county in general. The difference with Take My Scrap Car being that for the first time, it’s the customer that comes first. Rather than needlessly complicating the St Olaves car scrapping and recycling process, we instead approach things the other way around. Or to put it another way, we do everything we can to simplify responsible car scrapping and recycling, for the benefit of our customers and the county in general.

Here’s a quick fact to ponder – up to 95% of the materials in the average scrap car can be recycled. Here’s another – more than 1 million vehicles are taken off UK roads permanently every year. This amounts to an enormous stockpile of quality materials, just waiting to be recycled and put back into the system. Our dynamic St Olaves car scrapping and recycling service makes it quick, easy and rewarding to do the right thing. No matter what kind of condition your car may be in, we’ll happily take it off your hands.

All you need to do is get in touch with a member of our customer support team and provide us with a few details. We’ll travel to the location of your choosing at a convenient time, we’ll collect your car and we’ll handle everything on your behalf. We’ll also lend a hand with the paperwork, helping you stay on the good side of the DVLA. As the icing on the cake, we promise to pay the best possible price for your St Olaves scrap vehicle, calculated in accordance with scrap values on the day.

For an unbeatable deal on your St Olaves scrap car and a service package that puts youfirst, contact the team at Take My Scrap Car today!