Home to approximately 960 people, Tattersett takes its name from the old English ‘Tatessete’, which translates roughly as Tathere’s dwelling. With a history dating back at the least a thousand years, much of the landscape of Tattersett has remained unchanged and unspoiled over the years. Surrounded on all sides by beautiful open spaces and boasting excellent transport links to nearby towns and cities, Tattersett is a desirable residential location with a proud local population. 

Town pride is something we can relate to at Take My Scrap Car. In our own unique way, we like to think we’re doing our ‘bit’ to keep our county beautiful.  Not to mention, keep dated and potentially dangerous cars away from public roads. Our dynamic car scrapping and recycling service for Tattersett puts the responsible motorist first. With Take My Scrap Car, doing the right thing can be surprisingly easy.

A welcome break from the norm, we take care of the legwork and logistics on our customers’ behalf. In fact, all we need is a quick call or e-mail to set the wheels in motion…and we mean that literally! Tell Take My Scrap Car where you’re located and when you’d like us to collect your scrap vehicle.  One of our drivers will pay you a visit at a predetermined time and date, in order to collect your Tattersett scrap car and take it away for responsible recycling. You’ll be provided with an official certificate of disposal, we’ll help you tackle the DVLA formalities and you won’t be charged a penny under any circumstances.

Best of all, we promise to pay the best possible price for every Tattersett scrap vehicle we collect. Irrespective of its age and condition, we’ll calculate a price for your vehicle on the basis of scrap values on the day. Every penny of the price we quote will be transferred directly into your bank account – no exceptions and no catches whatsoever.

We’re firm believers in the power and importance of simplification, where everyday recycling is concerned. That’s why we go the extra mile to simplify all aspects of the Tattersett car scrapping and recycling process for the benefit of our customers. Whatever your location and requirements, we guarantee you will not find a more flexible, accessible or accommodating car scrapping specialist in Tattersett.

For more information or to arrange collection of your Tattersett scrap vehicle, contact a member of the team at Take My Scrap Car anytime.