As you probably know by now, the UK government recently introduced sweeping reforms to longstanding MOT policies. Despite being somewhat more complicated than the previous system, the message is relatively simple:

Keep your car in good condition, or find yourself facing heavy penalties.

If you choose to drive your car without a valid MOT, it’s only a matter of time before things go awry. Even if you don’t get caught, there’s a chance the faults with your vehicle could cause a catastrophic accident. Hence, it is completely unacceptable to hit the roads without a valid MOT.

The good news being that when it comes to MOT failures, the most common causes are all completely preventable. One of the worst things a motorist can do is head to the garage for their annual MOT, without first checking a few very basic bits and pieces. Rather than failing your MOT, it simply makes sense to address the more minor issues yourself.

So with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown of seven common MOT failures that can easily be detected and prevented ahead of time:

  1. Wipers and washer fluid

First up, give your windscreen wipers a test and see whether or not they effectively remove moisture from your windscreen. While doing so, ensure you have plenty of windscreen washer fluid in your bottle and see if it sprays your windscreen as it should. If the answer is yes in both instances, you’re good to go.

  • Registration plate bulb

Turning up with a faulty registration plate bulb is grounds for immediate failure.  It’s also commonly overlooked by the vast majority of motorists, so be sure to check whether or not yours is working before you make your appointment.

  • Car cleanliness

Now more than ever, thousands of MOT failures are being blamed on nothing more than dirty and unhygienic cars. Both inside and out, any excessive build-up of whatsoever could be grounds for immediate failure. 

  • Brake lights

Enlist the help of someone you know (or simply use a mirror) to check whether or not your brake lights are working. If not, it’s simply a case of taking things with a screwdriver and a replacement bulb, which costs pennies and takes minutes to sort.

  • Headlamps

The same also goes for your headlamps, which escape the attention of the average motorist quite regularly. Ensure that your low beams and high beams are all working as they should, replacing any bulbs as necessary along the way.

  • Condition of tyres

Rather than being told you need new tyres and failing your MOT, you might as well check their quality before you head over. Use a depth gauge to ensure they are in good condition and check their pressure levels ahead of time.

  • Broken or missing mirrors

Last up, don’t forget that something as simple as a broken or missing mirror could also see you and your car failing your MOT. If there is anything noticeably wrong with any of your mirrors, grab the replacement parts you need and attach them before your appointment.

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