It wasn’t long ago that upgrading to a hybrid vehicle simply wasn’t a plausible prospect for most. Along with being prohibitively expensive, they were also difficult to come by. Combined with the inherent complications that accompanied hybrid battery-charging, it wasn’t the most appealing picture on the whole.

These days, it’s an entirely different story. The benefits of electric and hybrid vehicles are well documented, with various incentives on the table for those who upgrade. 

So with this in mind, here’s a brief look at six good reasons to consider scrapping your current car and upgrading to a modern hybrid:

1.  Better fuel efficiency

First of all, the general operational costs of a quality hybrid vehicle are far lower than those of a comparable petrol or diesel car. When running on electric power, it’s estimated that around £3 can be transformed into a full 100 miles of enjoyable driving. Far more than you’d get from £3 at the pumps. Long-term therefore, you stand to make considerable savings on everyday fuel costs.

2.  Lower road tax

Cars that release fewer emissions into the air qualify for reduced road tax payments. Rated as some of the most environmentally friendly cars on the market, taxation requirements for hybrids are significantly lower. In addition, these environmentally friendly alternatives are also exempt from the Congestion Charge in London. Should similar traffic-reduction systems be implemented elsewhere, chances are electric and hybrid vehicles will be exempt.

3.  Instant power

The general driving experience of a hybrid is much more satisfying than that of a comparable petrol or diesel car. The moment you step on the accelerator is the moment things start to happen – instant torque and power, whenever you need it.

4.  Enjoyable driving

Not to mention, the fact that most hybrids are also packed with the kind of new-generation technology that makes the whole driving experience even more enjoyable. From entertainment to drive safety features to helpful monitors of fuel efficiency and so on, it’s an all-round immersive experience.

5.  On-going incentives

As mentioned above, there are currently countless incentives available for those who scrap older and more polluting cars, in favour of economical hybrids.  Incentives vary significantly from one manufacturer to the next, but can nonetheless slash thousands of pounds from the sticker price. Entry-level hybrid vehicles are becoming more affordable and accessible all the time.

6.  Strong resale value

Last but not least, a quality hybrid vehicle is far more likely to retain value than a similar petrol or diesel alternative. Particularly given how the UK government intends to drive traditional combustion-engine vehicles out of service entirely over the coming decades. A few years down the line, it’s not uncommon for a good hybrid vehicle to have retained much of its original purchase price.

Whether ready to scrap your current vehicle or simply exploring the available options, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact a member of the team at Take My Scrap Car today for more information.