Here at Take My Scrap Car, we’ve never tried to pretend that car scrapping and recycling is rocket science. At the same time, it never fails to surprise us as to just how many service providers in our line of work get things completely wrong.

What do we mean by wrong? In short, bad habits like charging customers for the collection of their scrap vehicles, failing to recycle responsibly, not providing assistance with the DVLA paperwork and failing to pay at least a modest price for every scrap vehicle taken.

Trust us – check out a handful of service providers and chances are you’ll come across most of these bad habits.

As for us, we went into business with the specific intention of eliminating all of these annoyances from the equation entirely. We may have no influence on the operational models of our competitors, but we can at least guarantee every Take My Scrap Car customer the most outstanding and rewarding service package from start to finish.

So if you’ve wondered how it all works, the Take My Scrap Car process looks a little like this:

  1. Decide that the time has come to get rid of a scrap car in your life and get in touch with TMSC by telephone or e-mail.
  2. Let us know exactly where and when you would like us to collect your car, which can be just about any time of day or night and any day of the week.
  3. Sit back and relax while we pay you a visit, collect your scrap car and take it away – all 100% free of charge.
  4. Enjoy our complete assistance sorting all the necessary DVLA paperwork, in order to ensure that you relinquish rightful ownership of your vehicle.
  5. Receive a fair payment for your scrap vehicle directly into your bank account, in accordance with scrap values at the time.
  6. Take comfort in knowing that you’ve done the right thing, contributed to the UK’s recycling cause and receive the best possible deal for your scrap car, guaranteed!

While we’re constantly working hard to refine and improve the services we offer, we genuinely think there isn’t much about the above to improve upon!  Quite simply, all we need from you is an initial phone call or e-mail to set the wheels in motion, after which we’ll take care of the rest. We’re also happy to provide comprehensively independent and impartial advice on all aspects of car scrapping and recycling, just in case you aren’t quite ready to go ahead just yet.

We understand that car scrapping and recycling is never going to be the most exciting subject for most people. But at the same time, we don’t understand why it ever needs to become a pain in the backside. Just as long as you work with a reliable and responsible car scrapping specialist, it has the potential to be painless, free of problems and potentially rewarding, too!

For more information on any of our services or to arrange a collection, get in touch with a member of the Take My Scrap Car customer service team today.