We recently came across a recycling initiative over in the United States which really caught our attention. Over a two-week period during September, retail giant ‘Target’ hosted a nationwide car seat recycling drive, which has become something of an annual tradition. The idea being that drivers are encouraged to take their old car seats in to Target stores, in order to both have them recycled responsibly and receive a generous discount off a new car seat.

Which if you ask us is both responsible and applaudable for two important reasons. The first of which being that there are far too many car seats for kids doing the rounds these days that are not nearly safe enough. Or at least, nowhere near as safe as the more recent additions to the market. Given the fact that the highest quality car seats can be somewhat expensive, offering something of a no-questions-asked trade-in scheme is an absolutely brilliant way of getting unsafe car seats out of circulation.

On top of this, car seats have always been notoriously difficult to recycle responsibly. With such a mixture of difficult synthetic materials to work with, it can be tricky to separate them and ensure they are put back into the system or disposed of responsibly. Last year, the same scheme hosted by Target managed to prevent approximately 1 million lbs of waste making its way into landfills across the country. What’s more, even more waste is expected to be prevented when this year’s total recycling tally is calculated. 

So the result of this simple yet genius drive is thousands of cars all over the country fitted with safer car seats, parents and purchasers in general saving a cumulative fortune and a huge beneficial impact on recycling standards nationwide. Suffice to say, we genuinely believe that this is the kind of scheme that should be rolled out on a wider basis for everyone’s benefit.


Here at Take My Scrap Car, we’re more about doing the responsible thing with the vehicles themselves. That being, whatever kind of vehicle you are looking to get rid of and regardless of its condition, we will take it off your hands and ensure that it is recycled responsibly – without it costing you a penny.  Wherever you happen to be located, we will come to you free of charge and take your car away for recycling. What’s more, we can promise to pay a fair cash price in accordance with scrap values at the time.

We work hard to make car scrapping and recycling as simple and rewarding as possible, in order to encourage the public in general to do the right thing.  Which is, when you think about it, the most obvious and effective approach to recycling schemes in general. It’s a shame all aspects of recycling aren’t quite so rewarding, but still – you know where to go when you’ve a scrap car to dispose of!

Get in touch with the TMSC customer service team today for more information, or to arrange a collection.