Just to clarify, we’re not talking about the kinds of ghost cars that jump out from under the bed and say ‘Boo!’ in the middle of the night. Instead, we’re talking about the enormous chunk of the EU’s recycling ambition that seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Every year, somewhere in the region of 10 million cars in the EU are declared no longer fit for use and leave public roads once and for all. The only problem being that according to a new report published by the European Commission, as few as 60% of these cars are officially scrapped. 

What happens to the rest is anyone’s guess. 

Incredibly, this would mean that approximately 3 to 4 million cars leave EU roads every year and simply vanish into thin air. All of which translates to millions of tons ofmetal, plastic, rubber, glass and other materials that don’t get recycled. Not to mention, a whopping 50 million liters of potentially dangerous fluids that likewise disappear.

As far as the European Commission is concerned, the above translates into a potential environmental disaster. Not to mention, a European car scrapping and recycling system that simply isn’t working. 

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Of course, millions of cars don’t actuallydisappear into the ether every year. Instead, they fall victim to a variety of pursuits that are both dangerous and illegal in some instances. For example, research suggests that around 5% of these ghost cars are illegally sold and exported overseas. Some continue to be driven on EU roads, despite constituting enormous health hazards to the public in general. And of course, millions are simply allowed to rot away for all eternity, polluting the landscape and the environment in general. 

The problem being that as each nation has its own unique approach to car scrapping and recycling, it’s extremely difficult for the EU to meet its collective goals. What’s more, it’s almost impossible to comprehensively track the movements of end-of-life vehicles and determine exactly where they end up.  It’s known that millions of cars disappear, but what happens to them remains largely guesswork.

Still, it further emphasises the importance of doing the right thing when dealing with a vehicle that’s no longer suitable for use on public roads.

Take My Scrap Car

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