Every motorist views car accidents in the same way. It’s the classic case of “it will never happen to me” – until it does. At best, you could end up having to scrapand recycleyour car. However, you could find yourself in hospital…or worse.

Experts agree that awareness is the single most important contributor to safer driving habits. The more we know about the types of accidents that occur on UK roads, the less likely we are to run the risk of causing one. At least, that’s the theory where responsible and conscientious drivers are concerned. 

With this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of the five most common causes of car accidents in the UK, as reported by the DVLA:

1. Inattentive and Distracted Driving

Anything that distracts you from driving your car safely and responsibly represents a risk to you, your passengers and every road user. The most common distractions these days are mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, food, drinks and so on. It’s also common to be dangerously distracted by the other occupants in the vehicle at the time. It is the responsibility of every driver to keep distractions out of the equation, or to at least ensure they are minimised. If an accident is caused by your inattentive or distracted driving, it’s your fault and nobody else’s. 

2. Speeding

The second most common cause of accidents on the roads is speeding. Again, there are far too many drivers who think that speed limits apply to everyone else but them. Just as there are those who don’t seem to realise speed limits exist for a reason – not just for the sake of it. Driving even fractionally above the speed limit can massively increase the likelihood of an accident. It can also impact the severity of the resulting collision, in the event that one occurs. Speeding alone is responsible for thousands of dangerous and deadly incidents on Britain’s roads each year. Most of which could be prevented with more responsible driving habits. 

3. Reckless Driving

This refers to any actions or behaviours on the roads that pose a direct and unnecessary risk to health and safety. Failing to indicate before turning, switching lanes erratically, taking corners too fast, following the car in front too closely – all examples of reckless driving. The problem here being that just a single slip-up on your part (or anyone else in the vicinity) and you could be involved in a deadly collision. One that you bear 100% of the responsibility for. 

4. Tiredness, Alcohol and Drug Impairment 

Driving under the influence of anything that affects your ability to drive safely is illegal. From alcohol to recreational drugs to prescription medication, it is against the law to take to the wheel if you are not 100%. The same also applies to driving when too tired to do so. If you fall asleep behind the wheel or lose focus, the results could be disastrous. All of which is common knowledge, yet impairment continues to cause thousands of preventable accidents on the roads each year.

5. Adverse Weather 

Last up, there’s nothing any driver can do about the weather. Nevertheless, every driver is responsible for ensuring they modify their driving habits to suit the weather conditions at the time. From rain to snow to ice to fog and so on, it is a legal requirement to drive more slowly and carefully when the weather isn’t at its best. Sadly, it’s also a rule ignored by far too many drivers, who drive the same way in all weather conditions. 

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