Hitting the open road during those lazy days of summer can be a joy like no other. Particularly here in the UK, where we have a list with some of the most gorgeous spaces to explore anywhere in the world.

Of course, all of the above only applies if you’re lucky enough to have a comfortable car you actually enjoy driving. If you’re riding around in a breakdown-prone rust-bucket that’s anything butcomfortable, even the shortest drives in the summertime can be highly unpleasant experiences.

Which begs the question – why not make now the time to scrap your old car and upgrade?

Admittedly, car scrapping and recycling isn’t ever going to be the most thrilling or joyous prospect for any motorist. After all, if your trusty car has given you plenty of years of faithful service, saying goodbye is never easy.

But at the same time, upgrade to something even slightly more enjoyable and the summer is yours for the taking. 

And if you do decide to go ahead, here’s a brief rundown of five reasons why we’d highly recommend contacting the team right here at Take My Scrap Car:

1. It’s Easy 

For one thing, we make the car scrapping and recycling process comprehensively easy.  All you need to do is get in touch with us to let us know where you are and when you’d like one of our drivers to pay you a visit. We’ll head your way, collect your scrap vehicle and take it away for full scrapping and recycling. So there’s really nothing for you to do whatsoever, other than pick up the phone and give us a call!

2. It’s Free

Unlike some, we take enormous pride in offering all of our services 100% free of charge. We’ve never charged at a penny for anything we do and we never will. Motivating the British public to do the right thing means making responsible recycling easy and accessible – NOT charging people for the privilege.

3. It’s Responsible 

Speaking of responsibility, we operate in strict accordance with all applicable UK recycling legislation. We ensure that every shred of your car that can be put back into the system in some way is responsibly recycled and processed, in order to make sure nothing goes to waste.

4. It’s Reassuring 

We’re so meticulous that we even help our customers deal with all applicable DVLA formalities. If you’re unsure how to sort and submit the paperwork to confirm your car has been destroyed, we’ll gladly lend a helping hand – all part of our free service package.

5. It’s Rewarding 

Last but not least, not only are our services 100% free of charge, we also promise to pay a fair price for every scrap vehicle we take. The Take My Scrap Car team calculates prices in accordance with scrap values on the day, meaning you’re guaranteed the best possible price for your scrap car. Whatever its age and condition, you’ll still walk away with a reward for doing the right thing.

For more information on any of our services or to discuss the benefits of responsible recycling in more detail, get in touch with a member of the Take My Scrap Car customer service team today.