Some people see scrap cars as nothing more than rotting piles of debris to be melted and put back into the system as raw materials. By contrast, other see the kind of potential in scrap car parts the rest of us couldn’t possibly imagine.

A prime example of a member of the latter camp being 53-year-old Kevin Nicks, who not content with his existing land speed record decided the time had come to break it. And in case you haven’t already figured it out, he did so in a motorised shed. 

Hitting a genuinely impressive speed of 101.043 mph, he comfortably shattered his previous record and set a new world record on a beach in Wales. He claimed to have taken things even further by hitting 105mph in an unofficial run, but his officially recorded run was still more than sufficient for him to claim a new world record.

Even though he was already the world record holder beforehand!

“People ask me what it’s like, if it’s rattling, but you could sit there one-handed listening to the radio,” he said.

“It is constant fun, especially on motorways!”

“I go up the motorway at about 55mph, but once people pull up to me and start filming, I change down a gear, look at them, wave and put my foot down and disappear into the distance because it is so fast now.”

That’s right – not only is his incredible creation the fastest shed on wheels, it’s also 100% road legal. Even more impressively, Kevin constructed the shed-car and engineered it pretty much from scratch, using nothing but scrap car parts he both bought and swapped with a local scrapyard for a case of beer. Believe it or not, this weird and wonderful contraction actually has a 450hp twin turbo engine under the hood, delivering more grunt than the average sports car.

Kevin admitted that the project had pretty much taken over his entire life, but stated that having once again set a new world record, he didn’t regret even a moment of it:

“It consumed my life this winter; it’s not about the money, it’s about the sacrifices I’ve had to make, but it’s worth it,” he said. 

“The acceleration on it in second and third gear is the fastest thing I have ever driven, it is unbelievably fast.”

So once again, a classic example of the ways in which even the most dilapidated wrecks (and in this case garden products) can be put to use to create quite incredible new things. Not that we’re suggesting you start speeding down your local motorway in a greenhouse, but still…it makes you think!

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