It’s hard to believe we’re already talking about winter car checks once again. Nevertheless, here we are – right on the doorstep of another Great British winter. The colder months aren’t without their charms, but getting behind the wheel in treacherous conditions definitely isn’t one of them. 

Winter car checks are a necessary evil – they’re not the most enjoyable task, but you can’t escape them. Nevertheless, some overlook the importance of an annual winter check and pay the price. 

Incredibly, it’s estimated than one in every four accidents on the roads is caused (at least in part) by bad weather. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to detect the kinds of issues that can cause accidents. This is why winter car checks are important, providing the opportunity to pre-empt problems before they occur.  

As such, even if you think your car is running fine enough, you can’t afford to skip those all-important winter car checks

What Should a Winter Car Check Include?

It’s up to you whether you visit a service centreor take the DIY approach. Either way, the same basic winter car checks should be performed. Some inspections are more intensive than others, though should always include the following six checks as an absolute minimum:

Tyre Inspection

One of the most important winter car checks is a comprehensive tyre check. This means taking a look at tyre depth, looking for any signs of damage, checking pressures and so on. If your tyres aren’t up to scratch, the rest is inconsequential – you’re on the road to disaster! 

Battery Test

Testing your car’s battery is less about safety and more about convenience. Flat batteries aren’t known to cause too many accidents each year. However, they’re one of the most common causes of breakdowns. Not to mention, failures to get up and running in the first place. If your battery isn’t in the best condition, now’s the time to think about replacing it. 

Coolant and Antifreeze Top-Ups

Self-explanatory – your car’s most important fluids should be checked, topped-up or replaced where necessary. Obviously, you don’t want your car to overheat or freeze solid during the winter months. Nevertheless, this is a surprisingly common cause of engine issues – most of which are easily avoidable. 

Windscreen Wiper Check

Your annual winter car checks should also include a close inspection of your windscreen wipers. Wiper blades that simply smear moisture and create a blurry picture of what’s ahead are not enough. Neither are those that will be torn to shreds with the first hint of frost on your windscreen. So again, be sure to get your wiper blades changed if necessary – it’s hardly a huge cost. 

Lights Assessment

Functional lights enable you to see where you’re going and help other drivers see you. In both instances, a pretty important consideration for winter driving. Bulbs cost next to nothing to replace and can usually be fitted with nothing more than a screwdriver needed. As such, there’s really no excuse for keeping your lights functional at all times. 

Heaters and Fans

Last up, all winter car checks should also include testing the vehicle’s heaters and fans. This is important not just for comfort, but to ensure you’re not blinded by foggy windows when the weather’s cold. A broken fan or heater can be tricky to replace. However, it could also keep you safe on the road while the winter weather does its thing. 

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